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“Making love with women is the easiest thing for me to do with them. Everything else leaps so quickly into difficult and complicated.”

Christine Snow, a successful Chicago therapist, sets out to find her vanished lover, the sultry and elusive travel photographer Taylor Hayes. Forging a trail that leads into the heart of Morocco, Seven Moves tracks Christine's gradual recognition that no one can ever really know another's soul.

Bearing Anshaw's trademark style -funny, hip, and laser-sharp -this is "a tightly told tale that resists the bookmark as well as any thriller" (Chicago Sun-Times). A Reader's Guide is now available.

Praise for Seven Moves

“Engrossing…it deftly explores the varying forms identity can take when complicated by love and desire.”
New York Times Book Review
“The exquisite intelligence of the prose, the focus on sexual fascination, and the deft portrayal of a relentlessly contemporary American scene [all] remind me of John Updike’s work.”
Boston Globe
“Clever, well-crafted, and deft: Anshaw draws her characters with an unsparing hand that is guided by a remarkably sympathetic eye.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Anshaw's prose is supple and vigorous, providing quirky and surprising insights and witty dialogue. She surveys the terrain of female sexuality with frankness and compassion.”
Publishers Weekly
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